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Letter: Birth and labor support

The purpose behind providing labor support is to promote healthier outcomes of infants and to increase the bonds between family members and future generations in our society. When given more attention, support and realistic expectations during these transitions into parenthood, there are everlasting impacts on families.

I have seen the family bond strengthen in front of my eyes. They find empowerment when they can focus on what really matters — their family. Supporting them fosters growth.

According to DONA International’s Position Paper, the importance of fostering relationships between parents and infants cannot be overemphasized, since these early relationships largely determine the future of each family, and also of society as a whole. The quality of emotional care received by the mother and her partner during labor, birth and immediately afterward is one vital factor that can strengthen or weaken the emotional ties between parent and child.

A key component for an empowered birth is a doula. A doula’s responsibilities are to provide a service to my community. Offering primacy of my client’s interests, the rights and prerogatives of my client, confidentiality and obligation to serve. I am reliable and adhere to my contract. I also set a fair price for the services I offer to my client’s through pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

A doula’s role is to give mothers, their partners and their families emotional support, physical comfort, reassurance and perspective. A doula can help with relaxation, suggestions to keep labor progressing, tips for her partner to use in supporting the mother, and provide a soothing touch, a warm bath, apply cold/hot packs to the body and hold her when she needs.

As a doula, I do not make any decisions for my clients nor do I preform any clinical tasks. I am there continuously throughout labor and tend to stay after birth until the family is comfortable with me leaving. If you are interested in learning more, visit http://www.familynestcolorado.com or email hillerylyen@gmail.com.

Hillery Lyen

Glenwood Springs

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