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Letter: Bond will help teachers

I have to share a joke told by one of my son’s amazing teachers at Glenwood Middle School. My son told me this one evening, and it really made me sad. “What is the difference between a pizza and a teacher?” The answer, according to his teacher was, “A pizza can feed a family of four.” While it was said in a joking way with the kids, I know it has a large grain of truth in it.

I have to say that I have three kids in the Roaring Fork school system. Our experience with the schools at all levels has been excellent. The teachers in the district really care about their kids and give a lot of their energy and their lives to all of our kids. Unfortunately, the Roaring Fork Valley is an incredibly expensive place to live, and honestly the teachers here are not paid a living wage for this valley.

I would like to encourage all of you to vote for the school bond issue. Most of the funds will go toward replacing or repairing schools, but some of it will go to buy or build housing for our incredible teachers. I would go even further and say that I hope the school district will support and fund substantial pay raises for the teachers. They really have an important role in developing the future citizens of our communities. They deserve to be able to afford a home in the communities they work in, and to be able to put dinner on the table for their own families.

Please join me in voting to pass the bond for the schools.

Terri Partch

Glenwood Springs

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