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Letter: Bonds will help Blue Lake

Jeff Gatlin
Chief operating officer, RFSD

Beyond my professional role working for RFSD, I care about passing 3B as a father, neighbor and community member. Recently, I heard a concern about how my own neighborhood, Blue Lake, could potentially be impacted and I wanted to investigate to see what the direct effect would actually be. The two proposed projects near Blue Lake are: the transportation facility in El Jebel and the future school site — the district currently owns land in the community and is considering adding contiguous land for a future school.

The transportation facility in El Jebel has prompted a question about additional bus traffic through the Blue Lake community. Some residents fear traffic will increase and impact the safety of children in the neighborhood on what is already a busy street. I encourage residents to read the project fact sheet, which directly addresses this concern. Information recently added includes a traffic study that states the streets can adequately handle the additional vehicles and a commitment from RFSD that buses traveling downvalley will not drive through the Blue Lake neighborhood.

Another worry expressed was home values will decrease if a future school is built. Two local real estate professionals told me, in our area, homes near school sites have actually become more desirable. Reasons include 1. Convenience — kids can walk/bike to school and do not have to take the bus or be driven. 2. Safety and security — safety and security become heightened in communities where the schools are. There is just more of a watchdog sense in the area. Some examples where a neighborhood school is a selling point rather than a deterrent include; Sopris Elementary in Glenwood, Kathryn Senor Elementary and Riverside Middle School (RE-2) in New Castle and Basalt Elementary/Middle School in Basalt.

Blue Lake is such a terrific family neighborhood and these projects should ensure this community remains a wonderful place in which to live. I am inclined to think the proposed projects, implemented as described, will make it even better. Vote Yes on 3B.

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