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Letter: Both Dems, GOP using climate change for political means

I was struck by the tenor of the comments about Mr. Kellogg. One letter accuses him of being a “diehard, know-nothing idealogue.” Another takes shots at his education and even his religion. The nature of these comments interested me enough that I decided to do some research.

I read Mr. Kellogg’s column, found that it was thoughtful and that his opinion, even if incorrect, was at least worthy of being treated with respect.

I expanded my research. What I found was disparity of opinion among qualified scientists. The letters responding to Mr. Kellogg imply that there is no debate among serious scientists. That simply is not the case. I was surprised to find articles and statements by well-educated, highly credentialed scientists who dispute manmade global warming. And I found plenty of articles that argue that global warming is a serious manmade issue.

I could only conclude that from a scientific point of view, the jury is still out; neither side can claim incontrovertible scientific proof.

The other thing I found was that this is a very much a political issue. And it’s not just the Democrats and not just the Republicans that are guilty; both are using the climate change issue for purely political means.

Which brings me to a couple of recommendations. Whether you believe in manmade climate change or you think it is a hoax, it is an issue to be taken seriously because we need to know for sure which is the truth. And so it needs to be discussed and debated seriously … meaning with our minds, not our emotions. Meaning respect for each other’s opinions. Meaning no silly name calling. I’m talking about serious deliberation. And we would do well to listen to facts and listen to the scientists, and give science the time it requires to shed a clearer light on the truth, whatever that might be. And lastly, we would do well to be very skeptical of what politicians are saying, even if what they are saying easily aligns with our preliminary views.

James Ingraham

Glenwood Springs

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