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Letter: Boycott the ‘Buy-cott’

After reading about the “Buy-cott” that a bunch of pro-amnesty groups are pushing, I want those businesses to know that they will not be getting my business.

But it doesn’t surprise me that greedy area business owners would back this travesty to the American worker.

The “reform” passed by the Senate would allow importing an extra 15 million foreigners to compete with Americans over the next decade. That’s on top of the million-plus immigrants who become citizens annually now. This will guarantee these greedy money-grubbers an endless supply of cheap, scab labor.

This is how Aspen pays maids less today than 30 years ago. That’s why the US Chamber of Commerce supports this enslaving of any worker who make their living with their hands. All the “valuable worker BS” you hear comes from the jackals that line their pockets by exploiting illegals at the expense of American workers.

The only thing “comprehensive” about the reform passed by the Senate is how totally and comprehensively it screws the U.S. worker. My family and I will buy American and boycott the “Buy-Cott”. I urge all the worker bees to do the same.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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