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Letter: Break-ins need to stop

Bobi Jo Bergen

The Rifle Lodge parking lot has seen a series of break-ins. The person who is stealing is very neat while going through someone else’s property taking whatever they deem fit for the taking, They should think about what they are pilfering from someone else.

What upsets me the most is that the vehicles they are targeting are older with a lot of TLC required. I for one drive a car that is literally falling apart, but the person decided it was fit for the taking.

You as the person who decided my piddly stuff was not something I needed anymore, took my grocery bags which my grandchildren gave me and a pocketknife that a good friend gave me. Those things I hold dear to my heart and you have no use for, so be just as quiet as you were taking them and put them back.

You seem to know when the best time of the day is to go around taking from people who have to work hard for what they have just like everyone does, but that does not mean they have money to throw away.

I am truly sorry for you that you have to steal and I am sorry that you feel it is OK to do so.

The next time you come across a car, do not look at it, do not touch it, if it is not yours do not take it, Mos people in the valley would help another person out if they had a set and asked. Thank you to all who agree with this statement.

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