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Letter: Brewpub continues to serve English ales

Todd Malloy, director of brewing
Glenwood Canyon Brewpub

I would like to begin by thanking the Post Independent for running a front-page article April 29. While we are delighted to have the coverage, I have one concern I would like to address.

I was misquoted saying, “We’re done just making the same old English ales.”

We have built a very reputable business producing beer styles from around the world. English ales have been part of our production here since 1996 and we will continue to produce them in our future. While we are constantly venturing out into new beer styles, the Berliner Weisse was just one of our many seasonal offerings.

We strive to maintain an approachable menu of food, ales and lagers and customers can expect to find all of our regular beers still on tap.

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