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Letter: Bridge service

This letter references the positive as well as the negative comments made about the “Grand Plan” bridge project in the Sunday Denver Post West Section.

John Haines is quoted in saying, “but if Glenwood wants this, they deserve this mess.”

Our city manager, Andrew Gorgey, is quoted as saying, “Everybody involved knows this will be a major project with major impacts, but in the end, it will reflect the hard work of a lot of dedicated people. It’s going to be great.”

While it is a given that there will always be the yays and the nays on any subject, allow me, at the same time, to share a language beyond words. What really speaks is our perspective, our attitude and how we enable ourselves to experience transitions.

I share another quote from Anais Nin: “We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”

Let us envision the bridge as a means of connecting us in more ways than just in comings and goings.

Annig Agemian Raley

Glenwood Springs

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