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Letter: Bridge truth is being ignored

Fred Stewart
Grand Junction

“The elephant in the room” is a metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. — Wikipedia So be it with Glenwood’s Grand Avenue bridge.

The present Grand Avenue bridge was built in a transitional time. Steam locomotives were still spewing black clouds of smoke, so the bridge was elevated way beyond the clearance of the top of a train. Hence the arch in the bridge.

The Hotel Colorado’s alignment with Grand Avenue doesn’t sit neatly framed at the head of a street like Union Station in Denver or The Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs, but sits off to the right, hence the need to curve the bridge. Change what can be changed, (lose the silver color), improve or enhance what can’t be changed.

Despite Dick Prosence’s professional opinion, Exit 116 could easily accommodate a route up along the Roaring Fork River, especially if it was subsurface — much easier than a proposed alternative hard-rock tunnel. It would be quiet, unobtrusive, less disruptive, safer and cost-effective, not to mention construction delays.

At this point, the old Grand Avenue bridge could be deeded to Glenwood and “retroed” (a la mid-1950s) to two lanes, with flanking pedestrian surface traffic. Grand Avenue would belong to Glenwood, again, and not subject to state authority.

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