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LETTER: Bring a solution to the table

The following is in response to Tom Rutlege’s letter of July 4:

You obviously do not like the fact that oil and gas are being produced in Garfield County, and say that we are “infamous” for the destruction of the environment because there have been some very one-sided documentaries that have been produced by anti-industry groups. What you do not bring forward is any kind of solution for the United States’ energy needs.

Literally millions of people have benefited from the energy produced in Colorado, in the form of eating food, warming and cooling their homes, fueling their cars, and providing them with almost everything they need and use (such as plastic) every day to live. Our country has paid a terrible price in lives and treasure to buy oil from people who hate us, and we continue to sacrifice our military while we pay trillions more to keep the energy flowing. If it is not acceptable to produce it where it exists in abundance in our country, what is your solution to our country’s energy needs?

Please do not suggest solar, wind and the like because that technology is not even close to supporting us now — we would grind to an immediate halt. Obviously we need to move to renewables, but your exalted Mr. Brune has decided that “natural gas is no longer an acceptable bridge fuel.” And of course coal, oil shale, tar sands, nuclear, and even hydro-electric are off limits (to environmental groups). Right now, with the uprising in Egypt and other unrest from the Arab Spring, the only thing we have protecting our lifeline of energy is the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy guarding the Straits of Hormuz (evidently more satisfactory than building a pipeline in from Canada and buying oil from a friend).

This paper’s word restraint prohibits me from addressing each of the erroneous statements so I will tackle just one at this time. Can you, Mr. Rutlege, document one example of “water rights that got sold and drove the cost up for the rest of the agricultural community in this county?”

Kent Jolley

Glenwood Springs

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