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Letter: Bring back spring bear hunt

Do bears poop in the road?

Yes they do. I observed the pile from our local bear on Donegan today. Not only do they do the duty in the road, they mutilate all trash cans resistant and not resistant. Bears tear down fences, break limbs from trees and, worst of all, break into houses in search of food.

Whose fault is it? Ours, of course. Back in the day (1992) Colorado voters decided to eliminate the spring bear hunt. Since then there has been an ever-increasing population of bears. I have lived in rural Colorado all my life, and the first live bear I ever saw in the woods was in 1968. They were very elusive and wary of humans. As the population increased the available habitat was decreased both from other bears protecting territory and human intervention.

Now we have a problem: too many bears. The first bear to venture into town taught the next and the next and so on. Now the bears have developed a pattern. There is no way to unteach them so we must hunt them. Is it kinder for a sportsman to take a bear or a CDW officer to euthanize it? Both seem brutal to people not accustomed to the brutality of the animal kingdom. Economically speaking, to hunt them is better. We sell hunting licenses, food, accommodations and firearms to hunters. CDW generates no income and consumes resources that could otherwise benefit their cause.

Previously we used dogs and baiting to enhance the spring bear hunt. I don’t advocate those methods, but a few good spring hunts could solve the problem.

Steve Damm

Glenwood Springs

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