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Letter: Brouhard’s story inspiring

Carol Buick
Glenwood Springs

Thank you for publishing the positive and inspiring article about Alice Brouhard and her effort to work cooperatively and proactively to educate Apple to make its Aida Organizer App compatible, and complete with voice feature, for the new iOS9 software update.

Alice Brouhard is an amazing Glenwood Springs resident, mother, wife, nurse, teacher and friend.

When Alice is confronted with challenges or problems in any one of those roles, she does not complain, place blame or become negative. She consistently looks at what she can do to make the situation better or to solve the problem. Throughout her life she has worked very hard, and very successfully, to overcome adversity and to make the world a better place. She uses love, humor, intelligence, elbow grease and courage, and has inspired and mentored so many through her inspired and positive approach to life.

It is so important that you shared Alice and Kara’s story and accomplishment.

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