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Letter: Call a stoner for help

Neal Pollack

In response to Tom O’Keefe’s letter, “Vallario: Quit complaining about pot” dated March 15, I’d like to begin by encouraging him, the next time he finds himself a potential meal for a bipedal predator, to call a stoner to help him out.

Living out in the county, the sheriff and his department are who I count on to enforce the law in my “neighborhood.” Under Lou Vallario’s tenure as sheriff, I have never felt that I wasn’t protected. The world’s a potentially ugly, dangerous and uncertain place and “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.”

I support my local sheriff 100 percent and have absolutely no problem with the ordnance and materiel he uses to protect me, my family and my property.

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