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Letter: Can’t employers call applicants?

As a community member and business owner in the valley, I would like to pose the question: “What’s with this trend of the ‘no-response’ job-application process?

I have recently been privy to the phenomenon with two young ladies in the area. One a 17-year-old, whose first experience at applying for a job was fraught with the usual nerves that come with her newfound independence. She obtained the application from the movie theater, diligently completed it herself, and brought it back by hand in an effort to catch the eye of the hiring manager.

Then she waited, and waited and waited. Not only did she not get a call back for an interview, she also did not get a call back period. Not a “Thank you for applying,” not a “We are not hiring,” not a “We’ve filled the position”.

We, as adults and parents, should feel a responsibility to nurture the efforts of our youth when they step out on those independent legs.

The second experience is another young lady who applied and was interviewed by the Rifle Police Department. She completed all necessary components of the interview process, which I might add was a very good experience, and was told she would be notified. So she waited, and waited and waited. She emailed and she called, all to no avail. Not only were her emails and voice mails not returned, but she went to talk to someone only to find a new worker at the counter.

So how difficult would it have been for someone to pay these young ladies some respect with a phone call? This is a small community and somewhere, sometime, we will run into each other at the store, the park, the lake or anywhere in Rifle. Why can’t we treat each other with the same kindness that we knew before we applied for that job? This experience has left two young ladies somewhat disheartened, not because they did not get the job, but because they were invisible to the people they know and see in local business.

B. Roush


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