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Letter: Can’t see human impact on Earth

I was pleased to read Lynn Goldfarb’s response to my letter, which offered sources of reading material to counter claims of humans causing global warming. Coming all the way from Pennsylvania was impressive. I wonder if he/she derives any income from grants or taxes provided to promote this contention. Thousands do, you know.

I am an engineer, not a scientist, so I have to rely on intuition or instinct accumulated during my 90 years when comparing issues such as this one. When I pull up our globe on Google Earth, I find it difficult to find evidence of impacts by humans. There are many, and they should be reduced by any practical method, but in comparison to the size of Earth it is hard for me to imagine any dangerous impact to our Earth. So that makes me a “denier.”

On the other hand, upon reading “Dark Winter” by John L. Casey and his accumulation of research that puts forth the convincing argument that changes in our sun affects our climate makes sense to me. When our sun goes haywire, we’ve had it.

Studying both sides of any issue is not damaging to your well-being.

Dick Prosence


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