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Letter: Carbon tax a burden

As we approach our April elections the discussion about another tax arises. I am writing to encourage a no vote on the carbon tax. If you know me you might wonder why I would vote this way. I support renewable “green” energy production. I own 2 solar panels (not a lot, but hope to have my roof covered one day), my family has driven a Prius since 2005, I bike as often as possible, I ride RFTA, we have already received rebates from CORE for replacing appliances, we use energy efficient lightbulbs and we hang our laundry to dry. In short, my family is doing everything Laurie Guevara-Stone recommends in her letter. And contrary to her letter, this will be a burden on a working-class family trying to survive in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The problem is someone else telling me how to live my life and what to spend my money supporting. If you want to support the environment then go out and educate people — with your time and money. If you want to support a nonprofit, then give them your money. Forcing your ideals on me financially is not cool. Because of the bag ban in Carbondale, I now have to burn fossil fuels to recycle my plastic bags in Glenwood or El Jebel. Before the ban I used my own reusable bags and recycled by bike.

Please do not vote for this tax or any new taxes in the future. The government has enough money. (Have you seen the street cleaners driving in loops, idling by the park and cleaning the same streets multiple times?) Let them figure out how to use what they have more wisely.

Ed Jenkins


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