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Letter: Carbon tax crushing

The carbon tax is not going to save anyone any money. It’s going to produce a hardship on people struggling to make ends meet, myself included. I have already spent $7,000 on reducing my carbon footprint, the worst investment I have ever made. If I can live to be 100 years old, I will probably see some savings.

I have talked to a number of older residents who can’t afford any more taxes. Oh, I almost forgot, you said the recession/aka depression is over with. Then how come I didn’t get a raise in Social Security from this government?

The trustees seem to think we are all not reeling from the tax increase from the school and the fire department. So anybody barely making it is going to have to demand that you show us exactly how great the town trustees are going to make “the first-of-its-kind tax” be the power that is going to launch this town into the future.

Didn’t we have the marijuana debate do this once before? This town, just like this state, is going to reel in millions of dollars of revenue from the sale of marijuana?

Guess what, Carbondale, that didn’t happen. All it made was a lot more problems than it solved.

So the solution to this problem is: Those wanting a carbon tax need to put out a brochure that needs to be in every business in town. It needs to say how many residents live here, then it needs to tell them that if they choose to buy a home or have one built here there are the taxes that you will have to pay. So if you’re not a millionaire or a billionaire or a trust fund baby, we just want you to know that you’re welcome to come and visit, but you won’t want to take up residence here in Carbondale because this town only likes the younger generation, only likes people who are wealthy and can handle all of these taxes with out pinching their money.

Just show us your money first before your allowed to live here. If you’re a senior citizen here, they don’t really want you here in Carbondale. No on the carbon tax. No, no, no.

Jane Spaulding


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