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Letter: Carbon tax will help ease climate change

I certainly agree with all the things advocated in the May 2 column “We must act locally now on global climate change,” but it’s going to take more than local actions to make the kind of drastic emissions we need to avoid “catastrophic” climate change, according to the latest IPCC report.

We have about 15 years left to make 40-70 percent CO2 reductions.

That’s only going to happen through national legislation. With a consumer-friendly carbon tax that’s paid by fossil fuels to us, the consumers. It’s a simple, realistic plan for replacing fossil fuels without hurting our economy or punishing consumers. Eight Nobel Prize-wining economists and the Harvard economist who co-authored of the latest IPCC report advocate this idea.

A steadily increasing carbon pollution tax rebated directly to consumers, a “tax swap,” will let the market make the switch to renewables as carbon fuels get increasingly more expensive than solar and wind energy. As they scale up, solar and wind get cheaper. Their storage/intermittency problems have been solved. Solar and wind are already becoming competitive with dirty energy even though their subsidies have been eliminated while massive, and completely unnecessary multi-billion dollar annual subsidies for fossil fuels continue.

Because this is a market-driven process, revenue-neutral, with no government regulations, prominent Republicans like George Schultz, and Kevin Hassett, Art Laffer, Greg Mankiw and Douglas Holtz-Eakins support it.

All we lack is the political will to make this happen. The Citizens Climate Lobby website has the details of this economic plan.

Pete Kuntz

Lancaster, PA

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