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LETTER: Carbondale fire district needs support to provide emergency medical service

Whenever there is talk about the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District it is often about recent fires, but the reality is we respond to more calls for emergency medical service than any other type of call. These calls can range from simple, from helping an elderly person who has fallen to major trauma from an auto accident. We have even delivered babies as part of the Emergency Medical Services.  

Much has been talked about over the last six months regarding the Fire Protection District’s budget. I do think these are important discussions, but if money is the only thing talked about, the public is not getting the whole story. There is so much more to the story of the Fire Protection District. That story is about the care and compassion that every member of this department gives to every person we come in contact with. How can anyone put a dollar value on the personal and passionate way we care for this community?

Most people living in the Fire Protection District may never call for EMS, but if you find yourself in a position where you pick up that phone and dial 911, you should feel confident that you or your loved one will receive world-class care.

We are currently providing paramedic and advanced life support level of care. Unfortunately that high level of care is impossible to provide with volunteers. Paramedics and ALS providers are truly a specialty and require individuals that are career professionals. We provide care and compassion to residents of this community often at the very lowest point in their lives often dealing with tremendous pain. The professionalism by both volunteers and staff is reassuring and comforting to both patients and loved ones under difficult circumstances.

I know money is tight and we all deserve to have a fire district that is run in a manner that is fitting to the economics of the times. But we also want, deserve and need to keep the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District strong and capable of providing that paramedic-level EMS service. 

 Joe Enzer


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