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Letter: Cartoon oversimplified immigration mess

Shame on the Post Independent for publishing a simplistic and misleading cartoon on its opinion page on July 14, pandering to emotions without explaining the whole story. The cartoon shows toddlers running from an explosion to a high chair surrounded by food and toys, while a frantic elephant screams “Send them back.”

First of all, the “kids” coming across the border are far from all being toddlers. The illegal immigrants are of all ages, from nursing babies to their parents, from unaccompanied minors to teenagers. Reports are coming in that illegal immigrants already in this country are hiring criminal organizations, usually involved in the drug trade, to smuggle their kids into the country. So much for caring parents, some of those kids are abused, or killed, or sold into who knows what? And what are we supposed to do with all these “kids?” Let them stay?

Are we then supposed to open our borders to the disadvantaged kids of Europe, South Africa and the Middle East? How do we decide who gets to stay, and who gets turned away? Where does it stop? Compassion as an individual decision is a worthy and desirable action. Compassion as a state policy leads to disastrous consequences, just like the current invasion we are witnessing at our southern border.

If you think these kids need a better life, please feel free to adopt as many as you can afford. If you don’t put your money where your mouth is, then you are no better than those of us who insist that they be sent back home. The only difference is you want to make them somebody else’s problem and pawn them off on society just so you can selfishly ease your conscience. The best we can do is to offer them medical treatment, clothes, food and a ticket back to where they came from. We as a nation can afford open borders or a welfare state, but not both. Pick one.

Joe Blanc


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