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Letter: CDOT addresses the wrong problem

Dick Prosence

The Glenwood Springs Transportation Commission has spoken. CDOT and city officials fail to recognize that the most important problem with State Highway 82 in Glenwood Springs is not a four-lane bridge with narrow lanes, but is 50,000 vehicles on peak days in the near future pushing their way down Grand Avenue, many carrying hazardous loads of gasoline and other dangerous chemicals. So has the transportation commission. Anyone with long-term vision would have to agree with that statement.

If CDOT is successful in proceeding with this bridge replacement without an examination of other alternatives and without regard for the law as established by the National Environmental Policy Act, then the work done and money spent to get approval of I-70 through Glenwood Canyon was a waste. CDOT, in those days could have said, “We know where the road should go, so let’s get on with it.” Of course, CDOT followed the law since many environmentalists were looking over their shoulder.

Where are those people today?

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