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Letter: CDOT, Glenwood City Council blind to dangers of RFTA buses stopping in traffic


It was just a matter of time before there was a tragedy between a moving vehicle and a RFTA bus stopping, in traffic flow, on Grand Avenue. At the City Council meeting, when the public was invited to express our concerns about CDOT’s “Grand Ave Bridge to Aspen” along with future traffic mitigation on Grand Avenue, I expressed my displeasure with Council’s constant pro-CDOT stance on the project, and further questioned why RFTA is permitted to allow their buses to stop, in moving traffic, on Grand Avenue, which happens to be a four lane state highway? This is a very dangerous concept and would not be tolerated in most cities and towns.

CDOT and Council are fine with spending millions on a questionable bridge, all in the name of “improving traffic flow,” but they seem to be blind to the imminent danger of allowing buses to constantly stop, in moving traffic, on Grand Avenue. It’s not rocket science. It’s called a “bus stop.” Here’s how it works in the rest of the world…

The bus driver sees the “bus stop” and pulls out of traffic into the “bus stop.” Then, he or she picks up riders and finally proceeds back into the traffic flow in a safe and non-aggressive manner (which is another topic for future discussion). It’s no secret to anyone, including members of city council, that drivers (everyday) are constantly making aggressive and dangerous maneuvers around stopped RFTA buses, in order to simply proceed in a moving lane of traffic. RFTA has acquired the funding for new “state of the art” bus stops up and down our valley, but nobody has required them to prioritize the safety of the people of Glenwood Springs and all of the travelers on Grand Avenue (State Highway 82). Not to mention that this would immediately improve “traffic flow” on Grand.

Obviously not all accidents and the resulting tragedies can be prevented, but it sure seems like this one could have been avoided. It’s past time that CDOT, RFTA and the Glenwood Springs City Council address this issue before another injury or fatality occurs.

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

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