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Letter: CDOT’s smokescreens

Yeah, Ed Rosenberg. I try to get past the bad taste in my mouth that will only get worse as CDOT moves forward so I could write a letter with all the very points you have made. I concur 100 percent and also have no desire to say “We told you so,” but that will surely happen.

From the first optical illusion of community meetings to today, CDOT has completely driven the bridge process, and they will also drive the construction process. Every time I cross the current bridge I mourn the loss of what we are now and what Glenwood will become, not only during construction, but when the massive structure is in place.

The lovely trees between Seventh and Eighth will be gone. The bridge will be at least 10-12 feet wider on each side. Imagine exactly what Eighth and Grand will look like. Now you can see watercolor paintings and a tiny model that is not accurate. When they pour the concrete, citizens will be stunned, shocked and horrified.

This council has worked hard to offer basically no objections to the CDOT predetermined bridge design and certainly will fold on any opposition to any changes that they find out about, if they find out about changes. CDOT is not known for communication unless it is bad communication. It is known for doing things its own way and, of course, the community will suffer.

I would point out that we have a bridge across the river now. Maybe it should only have two lanes instead of four, but it is there. Yes, it needs some maintenance work — but CDOT has used it to fearmonger the community into this new bridge telling us our bridge is not sound. If that the truth, it would have been closed.

We also have a perfectly good pedestrian bridge that does not need to be replaced.

So we take the outrageous cost of this new bridge, subtract unnecessary costs of bridge removal and pedestrian bridge removal and the included huge costs of moving utilities on both. Now we have a more reasonable number to build one new bridge of three lanes (or four) elsewhere. The community disruption will be more reasonable.

Ultimately we change the existing bridge to two lanes after using it for transportation during construction and we are done. We have what we need with a massive cost savings and a viable path through our town during construction as we have no real infrastructure to handle transportation safely.

This plan from day one has only met CDOT needs despite the smokescreens. There is still time.

Cheryl Cain

Glenwood Springs

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