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LETTER: Celebrating those who go the extra mile

In a world that pulses as rapidly as ours does it is easy to overlook the little things. As we all zip around to and from our jobs, the grocery store or while on a mission to check off a list of errands so we can get home in time to make dinner before our favorite show starts, we cross paths with dozens of people. In our day-to-day interactions we are often so self-consumed that we might not realize when we’ve missed an opportunity to witness something beautiful or be beautiful ourselves.

We tend to cut in and out of traffic, whip into our parking space, buzz through the store avoiding eye contact with others, and it may also seem that most of us do not take pride in our work but instead achieve the minimum required in order to eke by in our humdrum lives. … Well, that is not what this letter is about.

The intention of this letter is to celebrate the person that slows down in traffic to let another car merge into their lane or to allow a cyclist by, the child who chases the piece of trash that escaped their hand in the wind to properly place it into the trash can and not allow it to become litter, the cashier who smiles and asks about your day despite their bad day or the gentleman who opens the door for you while your hands are full — the list is truly endless if you stop to think about it.

This letter was inspired by a local business downtown that has repeatedly demonstrated the aforementioned beauty. Kendall, Randy and Darin always greet you with a smile. These guys have the market cornered on customer service. They truly want to help you, busy or not, they will give you the time it takes to answer your questions and enthusiastically find what you’re looking for. It is abundantly clear that they love what they do and want the very same for you. Thank you guys for spreading smiles like wildfire, we celebrate you.

Melody & Hugh de Los Santos

Glenwood Springs

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