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Letter: Charity begins at home

Bruno Kirchenwitz

Upon reading Cheryl Cormier’s scathingly judgmental opinion of fellow letter writer Jane Spaulding, I felt the need to ante my $.02 to the pot.

Ms. Cormier condescendingly tells Jane to “educate herself” on how “thoroughly” we vet foreigners coming into our country. I guess we all got an education when the “thoroughly” vetted Tashfeen Malik helped murder 14 people in San Bernadino, huh Cheryl?

In a time when tens of thousands U.S. vets are homeless, a time when the radio tells us that one-fifth of U.S. kids deal with hunger everyday, a time with tens of millions of unemployed U.S. citizens, the bleeding hearts run over with empathy for the rest of the world and other people’s generosity.

May I suggest that Ms. Cormier, even reveling in her Christianity, invite as many refugees into her home that she can afford to feed, clothe and employ. After all, charity begins at home.

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