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Letter: Children deserve support

I am a strong supporter of the town of Glenwood Springs and the children who live here. Yes, I am a teacher, but I am also a very active member in this community and have been for over 15 years.

Our children deserve facilities that reflect the beautiful place we all call home. Glenwood Springs Elementary was built in 1921 and has not changed much since then. We have a wonderful school because we have amazing teachers, parents and children that are a part of that school, but our facilities are lacking.

GSES even received the BEST grant of $9.1 million because of the aging buildings and dilapidated facilities. Having a strong public school will help our economy, attract professionals and business owners, prepare our youth for the future and overall build a better Glenwood Springs community. It is a worthy cycle, one in which all people benefit. Our children, of course, benefit greatly, but it is larger than that and will allow our children’s children to make a better life for themselves.

Strong schools help build strong communities. Please help and vote “yes” in November.

Cathy Spence

Glenwood Springs

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