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Letter: Choose your poison carefully

Concerning the “adult” bakery that was denied recently, I’d like to address two letters, both from people I respect, but both miss the point a bit, in my opinion.

First our DA, Ms. Caloia, points out the legal “standard” that was used to evaluate and deny this bakery. Please read her letter yourself, but basically she explains why the “standard” applies, and how the electorate passed legal marijuana to be “regulated like alcohol.” After you read her letter, do what I did, drive down Grand Avenue and count the establishments that sell alcohol in some form. I counted 26, but this could be wrong as I drove the speed limit.

Then I drove Grand once again, this time much slower (go figure) and counted the establishments that sell some form of marijuana. I counted three. I did not find any retail walk-in bakery for marijuana edibles. Not one. So, it’s 26 for alcohol, three for marijuana and none for marijuana bakeries. Regulate “like” alcohol? The standard explanation may fit, but the numbers speak to the reality of the situation.

Next Mr. Diemoz, who points out his feelings about marijuana and the education of minors. Mr. Diemoz wants “a mandate by ordinance that all dispensaries hand out a card for each and every purchase, cataloging the damage marijuana does to the brains of youth.” Please read Mr. Diemoz’s entire letter, as I’m only quoting a small portion.

I think the money spent handing out fliers to adults in an adult-only environment would be wasted. Give the money to the schools and appropriate education programs as mandated.

Now this is horrible, but I find the irony of the location quite significant. The very location where this marijuana bakery was denied was once a popular Glenwood establishment that held a liquor license. Two underage youth were sold alcohol, left in a car, picked up a friend and later caused, and were victims, of a triple fatality accident in the canyon.

Life is a game of pick your poison, so choose carefully. Respect other adults and their choices. Educate your kids well.

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