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Letter: Citizens Climate Lobby now has a Roaring Fork Valley chapter

In his Jan. 21 column, James Kellogg argued that government action to stop climate change would be too expensive and intrusive, and that the science is shaky anyway.

I empathize with people who feel this way. Although the basic science of climate change is settled, there are still uncertainties about exactly how — and how fast — the climate will change.

There are even bigger uncertainties about the cost of stopping climate change, because the economic models are a lot less advanced than the climate models, and because economic outcomes depend partly on unpredictable things like politics and technology.

Polls show that most Americans accept the science that the planet is warming due to human activity. I suspect that most of the rest don’t actually disbelieve the science — they’re just concerned that taking action on climate change will violate their ideological beliefs. I totally respect that.

So with that introduction, I’d like to make your readers aware of the recently formed Roaring Fork Valley chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby.

We’re advocating a market-based policy that would put a price on all fossil fuels to train our economy to be more efficient and emit less carbon. Many major corporations have gone on record in support of such a policy.

The other part of the policy is that it’s revenue-neutral. It’s a carbon tax, but all revenues would be returned to households in the form of a monthly dividend. Thus no drag is placed on the economy, and low-income households aren’t unfairly impacted.

Economists — conservative as well as liberal ones — will tell you that putting a price on carbon will send the right signal to consumers to use less of things that emit carbon dioxide. Even more importantly, it will turn up the signal to innovators and entrepreneurs to develop profitable new ways to run our economy on less carbon.

We’re anxious to transcend the partisanship that’s paralyzing our nation into inaction, and we believe this policy does that. I invite you to join us. Anyone interested can contact us at ccl.rfv@gmail.com.

Dave Reed


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