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Letter: City needs to represent us

Over two years ago when “opening the Blake-gate” was covered in the GWPI, the reporter cited that this gate, established over 30 years ago, was intended to “protect the adjacent neighborhood from the traffic generated by Roaring Fork Marketplace.”

Continuing growth makes this agreement even more relevant today.

Rivers of traffic divide a community more decidedly and dangerously than water itself.

The Blake gate agreement, where is it and what conditions of this document have been satisfied for dismantling this long-standing, self-enforcing traffic calmer?

Thursday, Feb. 1, council chambers, not on the agenda, the opening of the gate was motioned and passed.


Dismissal of due process and hearing the voices of Glenwood citizens is not in our long-term best interest, it erodes faith in our elected government. An equitable and agreed upon solution must be sought for those who will bear the burden of this decision. Let’s do the right thing. Re-visit this decision, assign it a position on the agenda and invite participation.

Diane and Murray Reynolds

Glenwood Springs

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