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LETTER: Clarifying thoughts about Silt

Though this is a letter to the editor, it’s really a clarification for Larry Sweeney [letter Sept. 15] concerning my earlier letter about Silt and a couple of dummies in charge there.

First, Larry, I didn’t say Moore’s Carbondale curbs caused the two restaurants to close. No, what I said was while Silt economically burns, they’re fiddling around putting in useless curbs that will only narrow the street and make snow removal more difficult.

Secondly, Larry, I think that the Miner’s Claim is a fine establishment and was puzzled as to why you felt the need to defend it.

The point I tried making (and Larry ignored) was that by denying the voters’ mandate on marijuana, Moore and Taylor were displaying great ignorance and audacity.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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