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Letter: Climate challenge

I accepted your challenge to examine “Climate Hustle,” a documentary by political scientist Marc Morano, who has progressed from Rush Limbaugh assistant to aide to Sen. “Snowball” Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma to professional climate denier running the website Climate Depot.

However, I couldn’t bring myself to enrich this purveyor of “truthiness” by purchasing a copy of his CD, despite a glowing review by The New American. If you would lend me yours, I promise to return it. (And I’ll let you keep my copy of “Merchants of Doubt” if you promise to pass it on to the Meeker Public Library when you have finished it.)

Per a neutral, professional reviewer, Morano presents a compilation of points previously noted on his website. (Note: these points have been refuted in multiple arenas.) The presentation is unpolished, as would be expected from a first project by an amateur documentarian. From the credits, the “scientist backers” include the usual suspects, mostly over-the-hill Ph.D.s who supplement their incomes by denying the overwhelming evidence for human-caused global warming and unprecedented rapid climate change. Sarah Palin is one of the panel of discussants.

I challenge you, or any other doubter of the reality of climate change, to find credible, current, peer-reviewed research that calls into question any significant part of the IPCC 5 report of 2015. I’ll even pay for an ad in the PI acknowledging the success of your efforts.

Wake up, America. With climate denial to be a centerpiece of the next administration, those of us concerned with the planet our children and grandchildren will inherit must act decisively to counteract that agenda.

David Schroeder

New Castle

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