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Letter: Close Feed My Sheep

In September 2014, I was unlawfully evicted from a West Glenwood basement apartment and suddenly this 66-year-old man became homeless on the streets of Glenwood Springs. Eventually I found my way to Feed My Sheep in the basement of Catholic Charities and I supped Monday through Friday in the basement of the Methodist Church.

Given those facts it is with great difficulty that I now recommend to the civil body politic of GWS that Feed My Sheep be closed and the Christian benevolence of the Methodist Church (through Lift-Up), with its nightly hot meals, come to an end.

The reason for this recommendation is the increase in meth among the homeless of GWS. Known on the street as “tweekers,” meth addicts and the meth trade is enabled by Feed My Sheep with its lack of an addiction program and also by the Methodists, by allowing Lift-Up the use of their basement, these good folks are also unknowingly feeding the local meth trade.

That said, an underutilized commonwealth asset of GWS is the old and vacant library directly behind the Methodist Church. This public building should become a senior center not unlike what the City of Rifle has created. It could also be used by organizations such as American Legion. However, until the meth and public drunkenness is cleaned out of the GWS homeless population, the immediate area is not safe for our seniors or our children.

The homeless population of GWS knows me up close and they know my adamant and vocal objections to their public drunkenness and also their toleration of the tweekers amongst them. Therefore, if the homeless population of GWS wants to see Feed My Sheep and “soup” remain open, then clean out the tweekers from among you and send them back to Denver. If not, I will continue to speak to the civil body politic of GWS to have Feed My Sheep and “soup” closed permanently.

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