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Letter: Co-founder invites disgruntled folks to attend event

It is very interesting how a vocal few have made such a loud noise about John Casey speaking at the Energy Forum and Expo. Mr. Casey has a view of climate change that is different than the views broadly published. Broad and diverse views are often welcome in the very diverse landscape that is the United States; students are taught to ask questions, to look for many answers to those questions and decide for themselves.

Read another letter expressing dismay with the speaker choice here.

For some reason, there are those that seem to think different views should not be heard and they seek to discredit those with different views. It makes one wonder what they are so afraid of. Is it that the views held by those who would silence others are so fragile that one speaker could pose a threat? If we silenced all opinions in this country over the years, we would not be the innovative people we are. We would not have the technologies and comforts that this country enjoys through the questioning of those curious enough to ask.

If you want to hear of a different perspective, join us on Friday. If, however, you have all the answers and are offended that someone might question them, don’t come on Friday. It’s still your choice but don’t begrudge someone from providing an idea that is different — that spirit is the foundation of this great country.

BJ Petersen

Co-founder Energy Forum and Expo

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