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Letter: Code for anti-gun

Munro Wilcox says I can’t invoke the Lord’s blessing on the NRA (PI-6/3 letters). He regurgitates the liberal lie that the NRA is a “pimp” for gun makers. He poses as an impartial arbiter when it’s obvious Munro is anti gun. Only anti gun people want to make the 2nd Amendment “part of the discussion.”

That’s code for let’s reinterpret the constitution more to our liking.

I know the NRA stands up for the rights of millions of gun owners just like me. Law-abiding citizens who are united for the preservation of the 2nd Amendment. There is nothing to discuss. We don’t need more restrictive laws, we need to enforce the laws we have.

So in conclusion, Lord , forgive Munro’s deceitful slander of the NRA and bless each and every NRA member and supporter.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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