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Letter: Colorado voted for things to get worse

Irvin Tilley
Glenwood Springs

Congratulations, Colorado. You get who you vote for. You put Hickenlooper back in office to do the same thing he has done since 2011 for the people of Colorado. Hickenlooper says, “We have improved the economy.” I say, “Where?”

Hickenlooper says, “We have decreased unemployment and added thousands of new jobs.” I say, “Where?” Hickenlooper says, “We have made the people safer in their homes.” I say, “From hardened criminals who should be in prison but released by Gov. Hickenlooper?”

Hickenlooper says, “We have … we have …we have.. we have … wee, wee, wee all the way home.” I say, “This is ‘the little piggy’ story told to little babies about the babies’ toes.”

Now let us watch Hickenlooper’s record for the next term and become involved to let Hickenlooper know how we feel as we see how the economy becomes worse, as the unemployment gets larger and as more hardened criminals are released into our neighborhoods. Think during the next election before you make Colorado worse.

There are many among the eligible citizens of Colorado who are not registered to vote, or if they are registered, they never voted because are disgusted with the candidates.

Well, you did vote by not voting and then you will continue to complain about what the government is doing to you in Colorado. All complaints should be referenced back to how they voted. Voted for governor? No right to complain. Voted for other candidate? Support your candidate stronger next time. Never voted? Why?

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