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Letter: Commissioners are trying to pull a fast one

I simply can’t believe that the county commissioners are proceeding at an accelerated rate to scale back the rock at “Dead Man’s Curve” on Four Mile Road.

The residents, almost unanimously, have opposed altering the curve, citing the possibility of rock slides and increased speed as issues. Theoretically, according to the county, the move is necessitated by the short sight line from Black Diamond Mine Road and no one disagrees that the bridge needs to be addressed and made safer. However, the realigning of that bridge, which is also in the works, should take care of that problem without blasting the rock.

At a meeting held a few weeks ago in the commissioners’ chambers, it was stated that a geologist would be on hand to assure that there are no subsequent rock falls. No one, not even the best of geologists and engineers, can make such an assurance. The rock is stable now and should remain in place. Also the rock acts as natural speed mitigation. Additional signage and painting a line down the middle of the road would help with the safety factors being touted.

Now, all of a sudden, this project is on the fast track emulating the $1 million bridge into Oak Meadows which also appeared out of the blue to replace a culvert that had to be cleaned out once every few years. What is going on?

It seems that the commissioners are trying to pull a fast one on the residents who have a lot at stake and, obviously, no say-so in what is happening. What is the real issue? Who is reaping the benefit? Certainly not the residents.

Sharon Andersen

Glenwood Springs

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