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Letter: Concerning Hal’s recent column …

In response to Hal Sundin’s column titled “The Party of those who just don’t get it,” I would like to point out the following:

First, this country was founded as a republic not a democracy. Gary McLeod explains it this way: “A Republic is representative government ruled by law (the Constitution). A Democracy is direct government ruled by the majority (mob ruled). A Republic recognizes the inalienable rights of the individuals while Democracies are only concerned with group wants or needs (the public good). Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution “Guarantees to every state in this union a Republic form of Government.”

Note, also, that the word democracy never occurs once in the Constitution. It’s very clear that you are a Democrat in the very essence of the word.

Secondly, an Islamic country would be less likely to survive as a republic than a democracy because they fail to recognize the rights of an individual, period. Your statement “furthermore, the minority must accept majority decisions until such time as the voters make it the majority” sounds more Islamic than American. When you state, “Our Constitution was created on the principles of debate and compromise, and acceptance of the majority rule,” would certainly bring the writers of the Constitution to their feet in total disagreement with you. Where are the rights of the individual in your “Democracy?”

When I read your column I realize why political organizations such as the Tea Party are born. We believe in the rights of all the people according to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You blame the Republicans for shutting down the government but totally ignore the Democrats’ part in the whole mess.

The majority of Americans were against Obamacare but your political party ignored us and forced it through. I guess the majority-rule democracy you advocate has a few contingencies in it?

Your column in my mind is dangerous and filled with inaccuracy. You call the Tea Party “Mad Hatters” yet your left-wing, socialist agenda radiates throughout your column.

One Mad Hatter,

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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