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Letter: Concerning our police state

Tina Dupuy, our prisons are full because we’re a police state. We torture people because we’re a police state. The NSA, CIA, Obama administration (I’d include Congress but Congress has regressed to being a bunch of tantrum prone 2-year-olds incapable of graduating from daycare) are subsidiary slaves of the Military Industrial Complex, daily violating the trust of the people and our Constitution because we failed to stand down the armaments markets and enjoy the peace against mechanized military tyranny the Greatest Generation had won. Because the market had gone nuclear, our handlers manufactured the Cold War.

Did we set out to be a police state? Does anyone? Hardly, it is the consequences of short term decisions predicated on the quick and easy — decisions that are linear in nature and thus keep the blinders taunt when avarice pulls the reins. So, we must maintain the plausible deniability of our own Gulag Archipelago, so we’re not the only “terrorist” in the war [read market] on terror — terrorists unable to prove they’re not.

The good news is the paradigm has shifted without the 1 percent. So don’t be perturbed by all the heads in the sand. Culpability for crimes against humanity, on top of trashing the Constitution is something it takes most several lifetimes on the bottom to begin to face. The trick is to pull your own head out of the sand and back-step forward, poor in spirit — that’s spirit — to begin to rebuild the citadel from the ground up.

What is required is to return to circular thinking. Our problems are linearly created, acerbated via linear solutions, that beget police states to defend denial. Return to the circle as the broken circle we’ve allowed the consumer age to make of us. Circle back to beginnings.

For us in the Roaring Fork Valley there exists an opportunity to learn the difference. Unite Thompson Divide is a entity almost unique in Western democracy. A once endangered species making a comeback. A coalition. A true cross section of the valley’s interests and peoples. Join to save what is sacred. You.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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