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Letter: Connecting Missing Bike Links

Valerie Loertscher, Finn Featherstone, Steele Featherstone

We are a group of Roaring Fork High School students trying to connect the missing bike path link on Snowmass Drive, in between Sopris Avenue and Main Street in Carbondale, with a bike lane. We see the dangers of not having any safe way for bikers and pedestrians to travel along that section of Snowmass Drive and we are concerned.

Crystal River Elementary school lies right down the street, and for the elementary kids who use that section of Snowmass Drive to get to school their parents are also concerned. This showed in results from a survey we gave out to the parents of the elementary school students.

We are proposing to solve this by adding a painted bike lane along this small strip of Snowmass Drive. A bike lane would not only service bikers and pedestrians, but is money- and time-efficient. In order to achieve this we need support not just form Carbondale’s town trustees, but Garfield County since that street is the county’s not Carbondale’s. Support from the public would also be very helpful. If anyone is willing and interested to support us and this proposal please visit our website: https://sites.google.com/site/snowmassdrivebikepath/

On our website anyone can comment with their opinion, take our survey or just get more informed about the issue and our plan of action. We greatly appreciate any interaction or support on our website and hope that this small section of a missing bike link can be connected for the sake of this biker-friendly town.

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