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Letter: Contempt for our leaders

Washington Irving said this in his 1809 book “Knickerbocker’s History of New York”:

“It is certainly of the first importance that a country should be governed by wise men: but then it is almost equally important that the people should think them wise; for this belief alone can produce willing subordination.

“To keep up, however, this desirable confidence in rulers, the people should be allowed to see as little of them as possible. It is the mystery which envelopes great men, that gives them half their greatness. There is a kind of superstitious reverence for office which leads us to exaggerate the merits of the occupant; and to suppose that he must be wiser than common men.

“He, however, who gains access to cabinets, soon finds out by what foolishness the world is governed. He finds that there is quackery in legislation as in every thing else; that rulers have their whims and errors as well as other men, and are not so wonderfully superior as he had imagined, since even he may occasionally confute them in argument.

“Thus awe subsides into confidence, confidence inspires familiarity, and familiarity produces contempt.”

Is our country governed by wise men?

Consider the government just inked a deal with Iran that undoubtedly will allow them to obtain a nuke, freed up billions of their frozen assets, and they still chant “Death to America.”

Our national debt is over $17 trillion yet they keep raising taxes, spending more money on bridges to nowhere. Health care insurance premiums and deductibles are rising in spite of promises they wouldn’t.

They are shutting down the coal mining and power industry, which provides 60 percent of our electricity with no replacement possible for many years.

Millions of illegal immigrants roam our streets, including thousands of convicted felons who have been released from prison, yet our borders remain wide open.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. The answer to my above question is obviously no.

Do I feel contempt? You better believe it.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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