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Letter: Continued destruction of Four Mile Road

I have a dream. I dream of the straightening of Four Mile Road, the widening of the road, the installation of fancy bridges, and a multitude of gas rigs and huge water trucks constantly traveling up and down the pristine upper valley.

I dream of a huge “me too” subdivision up Four Mile, with 400-plus homes crammed onto one of the most admired open spaces left within the realm known as “Glenwood.” I dream of a constant stream of traffic backed up on the Sunlight Bridge and all the way back to Sopris Elementary — like it does every afternoon when school lets out — but in this dream it’s an all day long event.

Then I wake up, and realize my dream is nothing but a nightmare. As is “Glenwood Ridge”.

“Glenwood Ridge” has got to be one of the biggest jokes yet that is trying to be pulled on the city, and again by an out-of-state developer. Well … unless you include the last Four Mile “me too” subdivision — a failed debacle known as “Four Mile Ranch.”

Thankfully, the final and approved “Four Mile Ranch” was reduced from hundreds of homes to a more appropriate handful that matches the flow of the Four Mile area.

Everyone knows when you make the turn at the “no stop for right-hand turn” on Four Mile, you are gently and easily transformed from a very tight development schema (Glenwood Park, Cardiff Glen, Park West), into what the local Four Mile residents call “country living.”

“Glenwood Ridge” will destroy Four Mile and the Midland corridor in more ways than you can imagine. The city should understand that tight-knit urban-like suburban designs should not be considered in an area that is not “me too” — but rather very special. Why it is even being considered simply blows my mind.

Finally, building a roundabout at the famed “no stop for right hand turn” at Four Mile and Midland will do nothing to stop the backup that is inherent when you travel north toward the Sunlight Bridge — absolutely nothing. Who are these out-of-state ying-yangs, anyway?

City: Just say NO to “Glenwood Ridge.”

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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