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Letter: Conversation continues on century old water dispute

Editor’s note: The conversation about Kannah Creek’s water issues began in late February 2015 with a column, “Agriculture & urban-water partnerships,” by Greg Trainor; it can be read online. Other letters to the editor, “Water taken from Kannah Creek still felt today” (March 12) and “In times of drought, everyone suffers” (March 16) can be read online as well.

Mr. Trainor’s letter has the same “scent” (if you know what I mean) as when we worked with him through Grand Junction — they make futile attempts to justify everything they did and continue to do. He has chosen to forget the struggles with old timers with the loss of their livelihood and very income. The city never struggles; they have an attorney on staff paid by the city residents, and they alway manage to win.

The stock water line he talks of was untreated but the only source many had for their drinking water, as well as stock and the volume was seriously impeded by the “over-generous” amount of the water the city took and continues to take out of Kannah Creek. The city has also found ways to take over ownership of almost all of the very reservoirs early settlers dug with hand equipment hauled up onto the Mesa by horseback, some taking decades to complete. It has never been about fairness and honesty with the city of Grand Junction. Tell us some more stories, Greg.

Carol Anderson

Collbran, Colo.

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