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Letter: Cooling letter was off base

Lynn Goldfarb
Citizens Climate Lobby, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The writer of the Feb. 15 letter, “We face dangerous cooling, not warming,” and anyone who read and believed it, including the editors of this newspaper, should go to the Skeptical Science website to see why everything in the “cooling” letter is wrong.

There are a lot of sites on the Internet that claim to science-based, but Skeptical Science is the real deal, run by climate scientists using peer-reviewed climate science that agrees with every scientific body of nation or international standing on man-made climate change and global warming. (Two different things; one causes the other.)

Printing lies about climate change is serious business. We see where spreading pseudoscience has led, as measles spreads across this country. I doubt this paper would print letters from people with “proof” that vaccines cause autism. The climate denier letters you print have statements that are equally, demonstrably false.

The average person may be understandably confused about climate change. The fossil fuel industry spends millions on a secretively funded climate change denial operation, just as the tobacco industry used to deny that smoking causes lung cancer. (Scientific American, “Dark Money”) But a newspaper should be held to a higher standard. This is not a matter of free speech. The First Amendment gives us the right to express our own opinion, but not the right to our own facts.

CFACT, the source of information the “cooling” letter, is funded by ExxonMobil and Chevron (sourcewatch.org). There are no public climate deniers — individuals or organizations — who aren’t on the payroll of fossil fuel corporations. You can see all of them named and shamed on the award-winning DeSmog Blog (named as one of Time’s top 10 blogs of 2011).

The denial campaign waged by fossil fuels means to keep the public confused and arguing about global warming. Remember, as the leaked memo from a big tobacco corporation said, “Doubt is our most important product.” Fossil fuels are using their playbook to keep the profits rolling by duping the public.

Editor’s note: Golly, we are flattered by being read in the Eastern Time Zone. For the record, while we do decline some letters with baldly false assertions, we print some whose assertions are in the minority or even on the fringe. Printing a letter doesn’t mean we agree with it. We do believe better arguments and facts will prevail in the marketplace of ideas, which is a philosophical rationale for free speech.

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