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Letter: Coping with change, whatever the cause

Mike Blair
Glenwood Springs

I very much appreciated your printing of the article on global warming by Glen K. Beaton (PI 09 Jan ‘15, Opinion) because it is non-judgmental, non-partisan, non-preachy and quite interesting reading. He recognized that changes in Earth’s climate have been occurring throughout its existence and that humankind and creatures have probably had some effect.

Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of natural geography, history, archaeology and the like has heard that the Earth has been changing itself, including its climate, since The Beginning, long before humankind existed. Thinking and informed humans are not denying that climates change, they just don’t accept the charge that only human activities have caused the more recent changes. While I can accept that there could be some effect by human activity, I charge those who claim that the more recent changes in climates are caused by rampant human capitalism and industry, as being deliberate, politically motivated, disingenuous and destructive with their efforts. However, all that being said, we all should do our very best to take good and honest care of our planet home.

In a curious recollection from not too long ago when I watched a Discovery-type program (on PBS no less) about a geologist investigating sedimentary rock strata in South Africa for indications of climatic occurrences. He noted that the skull bones of human-like creatures found in certain rock strata appeared to increase in size, indicating a larger brain, during periods of much colder climate. Anthropologists concluded that the creatures had to become more thinking and innovative, thus causing the brain to grow and expand, to cope with and survive in the more extreme climate (do we contemporaries need a good dose of cold climate to force us to get smarter; would we become dumber in warmer climate?)

I haven’t seen nor heard much said about should there be considerable changes in regional climates, there will likely be great and rapid migrations of people to the more livable areas (and won’t that be exciting). I haven’t seen nor heard of any real planning to manage such occurrences, but I’m sure it’s time.

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