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Letter: Corporations, billionaires aren’t ‘business’

I’m not sure who is responsible for the header “Sanders delivers condemnation of business” among the State News Briefs of Monday, June 22. But I found it interesting that there is nothing in the article saying any such thing. Instead, there was this: Sanders delivered “a blistering condemnation of billionaires and corporations” at the Denver event.

Surely anyone would draw a distinction between opposition to “billionaires and corporations” and “business.” As a small business owner, I not only do not feel any sting from Bernie’s critique, but I share it. As I understand business, it is a general term for how work is shared, goods and services distributed, and the economic life of a community coordinated with the other vital sectors of life.

Billionaires and corporations are another thing altogether, and do not share any of the common concerns of people. To me, they resemble cancer cells at their moment of triumph, just before their host dies.

Laurie Raymond

Glenwood Springs

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