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Letter: Cream of the crop

Well, there it was, the cream of the Republican Party. What a show!

Fortunately, we were spared some of the lesser luminaries and wackos from the losers show. We certainly missed the insightful, if confused wisdom of Bobby Jindal and the twisted racist logic of Lindsey Graham and his Southern pals. But hey, we had The Donald. The No. 1 contender. Bringing the party’s ill-hidden misogyny, racism and imperialism out for the faithful to cheer and support in the light of day. He couldn’t answer any substantial questions intelligently, but then, he doesn’t do that anyway. He answers to no one and scarcely remembers the ones he does offer, but what a fine and true representation of the Grand Old Plod. Trump, and his radio counterpart, the evermore discredited slime-bag Rush Limbaugh, are the true spokesmen for Republican ethics and morality. Nice veiled threat to the female moderator, Megyn Kelly. Trump, a true Republican.

Then, there was Texas Ted Cruz with his draconian, promises … lots of nice Christo-Fascist ideas with more imperialism, plenty of tear-down but not a word of a plan to build-up. Just the same tired rhetoric that most of the contenders continually regurgitated when they weren’t listing their meager accomplishments. Look at the fact-checking sites, most of their claims of great accomplishments were hyperbole.

It wasn’t terribly hard to see the shadows of the real masters of the rest of those clowns. As The Donald told us, when you put up the money, you expect to come back and get something you want for it. The $900 million already offed by the Koch Brothers and friends was clearly the focus for the talking points of everyone else. They are always the same: 1. Attack minority voting rights. 2. Attack women’s rights and health care. 3. Oppose and/or tear down anything proposed or created by the Obama administration, in particular health care. 4. Never propose an alternative plan, just criticize. 5. Go to war somewhere and get the economy moving.

Yes sir, real moments of Republican pride.

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