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Letter: Create a pedestrian-friendly downtown

Brad Gates
New Castle

Glenwood’s downtown merchants need to decide what comes into their businesses. Some state the terrible damage a bridge replacement will bring downtown. I believe they are missing the mark when they say, “stop the bridge it will kill downtown.” The traffic will not change that much, speed or volume. What will change is pedestrian patterns.

I recently suggested to a downtown merchant that they should approach CDOT and the city and see about a pedestrian bridge mid-block between Eighth and Ninth and another on the south side of the intersection of Grand and Ninth. I said that this would provide unrestricted access for pedestrians to move freely. The response I got was “That will just make cars fly by faster.”

I respect this merchant and the answer very much surprised me. I think this person, and others may be blinded by the rhetoric of “Save Grand.” It’s not cars and trucks that come into your businesses. It’s people.

Let CDOT manage vehicle traffic. Downtown merchants who think they are facing sure death need to look at managing pedestrian traffic. Make a plan to create a pedestrian-friendly downtown that extends beyond the area under the current bridge.

Glenwood seems to need an elevator, red sandstone (to match the pool?) and other amenities that seem to be more like “luxuries” for the existing pedestrian bridge. Take some of that money and build a couple of pedestrian bridges across Grand, south of Eighth.

Rest assured, CDOT could move the mousetrap from Denver, and all the traffic it carries, and replace the bridge with that mess. It’s never going to stop me from shopping in your businesses. I’ve used downtown Glenwood for 34 years this way, seldom parking on Grand. I won’t change. Will you?

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