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Letter: Criminals and fools control our government

The fascists in the process of stealing the U.S. economy have quickly noticed that the $10 billion hit to the economy they allowed/caused cost even them too much money. So, the Koch brothers and other owners of the Republican Party have told Boehner and tea-babies that they can no longer throw tantrums about ObamaCare and the budget, such as those which recently shut down our government. I think we can be certain that it won’t happen again.

They will continue any and all schemes, traitorous or not, to ensure that the first elected black president will fail. As I have noted before, we are paying that cost and it will rise. You may have noticed that it is not all being paid in dollars; our country’s moral, ethical, intelligence (brains not spies) and financial reputations have suffered greatly. The criminals and fools who control our government have not completed the damage they intend. If the consequences were not so great, we would be the laughing stock of the world.

The other interesting thing about this is that a considerable piece of the theft and damage is being done in the open, simply obscured behind the smokescreen of controversy. If you start enough fights about nearly everything, you can obfuscate the real action. Case in point: From Texas, that hotbed of Republican brilliance and patriotism, we now have McCutcheon v FEC slinking its way quietly through the corporation-friendly Supreme Court. This little jewel, slipping through beneath the notice of the corporate owned “liberal” press the Republicans often warn us about, is a companion piece to the Citizens United fiasco that sold our elections to the wealthy. This one will let the wealthy donate the maximum to as many candidates as they wish. I can see the signs, “This election, touting democracy, sponsored by Excessive Influence Corp. and others, whom you do not need to know.”

Perhaps you missed the two completely qualified Obama appointees just blocked by the Republicans? Let’s have two more crucial government positions unfilled in times of crisis; impede, obstruct.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

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