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Letter: CRMS bonds with Carbondale

Emily Wiley
Freshman, Class of 2018

I am a student at CRMS and I read the column by Allyn Harvey called “Confessions of a boarding school grad.” There are some misunderstandings in Mr. Harvey’s column, especially that the CRMS community does not take pride in the school’s location in Carbondale. This is not the case.

Recently, on Friday May 15, the CRMS community (students, faculty and staff) participated in a scholarship workday in which we did work in work crews throughout Carbondale and other areas. Although this was a fundraiser, I had the chance to work in a crew in Carbondale. This opportunity united me, along with the CRMS community, with the Carbondale community. I was able to form a bond with the Carbondale neighbor in whose garden I worked.

Additionally, the students, including me, enjoy riding our bikes to and supporting various restaurants in Carbondale for meals and for studying. And, two weeks ago, our seniors left on their senior projects all over the world as ambassadors from Carbondale doing such things as volunteering at orphanages, teaching soccer, teaching English at schools and much more.

Finally, Mr. Harvey should know that CRMS wants to be recognized for more than just the recent issue involving the right of way. For example, our girls soccer team represented Carbondale in the state finals for the first time in the history of CRMS, and many of our students excel in their musical, artistic and athletic talents.

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