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Letter: CRMS entrance on public land

Teresa Salvadore

I am encouraging all trail users and bikers to check out the public County Road 106 access changes that have been made at the south entrance of CRMS. Keep in mind that these changes were made to a county road by CRMS without public input.

What was once a 60-foot right of way for the public has been diminished to less than 6 feet bisected by a telephone pole. A sharp turn is required to enter onto the trail or back onto the road, making it less safe for the general public. A new entrance is being constructed by CRMS to replace the county road, which leads to the campus on CRMS property.

According to headmaster Jeff Leahy, this was created for safety issues for vehicular traffic for the school. Understandably, safety for school staff and participants is of great importance, but what about the safety of bicycle commuters, children riding from Sopris Village to CCS, general public using the trail? Can we assume that the new CRMS entrance is open to the public and will replace County Road 106 for public access?

If so, encourage the county commissioners to publicly record the new safe road as public pedestrian/bicycle right of way. If not, CRMS needs to return an acceptable entrance to a historic right of way that will serve west Carbondale, Satank and recreational bicyclists from Glenwood so we can continue using these resources for transportation in Garfield County. This is the taxpayers’ land being used as an impenetrable wall for the CRMS campus.

There is a BOCC meeting Monday, May 4, concerning these issues. Or write or call your county commissioners.

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